The cosmetics industry is a massive industry in India, which is expanding at a rapid speed, which is almost twice as the size of the markets in the US and Europe.

In the light of the growth of the industry, in order to ensure the safety of the products, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India has regulated that a compulsory registration certificate for importing of the products in India. Thus, if you are planning to start or have already run an import business of cosmetics in India, here are a few guidelines for you to follow:-

Eligibility for applying for a registration as an importer of cosmetics in India i.e. who can import cosmetics in India?

The following can import cosmetics in India:-

  1. The manufacturer must thus have a registered office in India.
  2. The authorized agent of the manufacturer.
  3.  It is a subsidiary agent of the manufacturer.
  4. Any other importer.

What is the procedure for registration for imports in India?

  • Imported cosmetics are  to be registered with the Central Drug Standards Controller India under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Fill and submit the application form to the Central Drug Standards Controller of India, New Delhi, both as a hard copy and also  in the electronic form.

-It is also  necessary to give the application in the prescribed Form 42 along with a cover letter . It is a receipt in the original of payment of the  registration fees of USD 250 or which is equivalent per imported product . 

  • The office of the Drug Controller General of India will thus issue a duly signed copy of the cover letter which would thus act as an acknowledgment.
  • The issue of a registration certificate will thus  take place within 6 months of submission of the application form.
  • The registration would then be valid for 3 years after which a renewal of the certificate is required in order to continue the business.

The following is the List of the  Necessary Documents for the purpose of  Registration:-

  1. Details of the manufacturer and the manufacturing unit: It should include the name, address and the contact information of the manufacturer along with the complete address of the manufacturing unit.
  2. A valid Import Export Code (IEC).
  3. Proof of payment of the registration fees.
  4. Details of the cosmetic which is to be registered: This should include the brand name, the date of manufacture, pack sizes which is  to be imported in India.
  5. Details of the manufacturing licenses/registration/marketing authorization, under which the cosmetics are being manufactured and then  sold in the country of origin which is issued by the regulatory authority of that country.
  6. List of the countries where the import permission of that product is granted.
  7. Names of ingredients as per the  international nomenclature which is accepted along with the percentage contained in the product.
  8. Specification and testing methods of the product.
  9. A specimen of the label.
  10. Information that the product is already being sold in India and the time period.
  11. At the time of clearance of the consignment at the port office, an undertaking is required which is  to be submitted to the concerned port office. It is thus  issued from the manufacturer stating that the cosmetic has not been tested on animals on 12.11.2014 or after the date.

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