Custom House Agent is authorized to handle the transactions of any business relating to the entry or exit of the goods/cargo at the customs station. Their function is thus in order to maintain the details of items and then up-to-date accounts. They thus act on behalf of the importers and exporters. CHA license may thus be temporary and it may be permanent. You need a temporary license in order to get a regular licence. No person can, however, carry on as a CHA unless and until he acquires a license u/s 146 of the Customs Act, 1962.

Mandatory qualifications

Any individual or a firm or a company can thus intend to work as a Customs House Agent. Where the applicant is a firm or a company, then the director, manager, managing director. A duly authorized employee who is thus responsible for working with the customs on behalf of the firm or company can become a Custom House Agent. Following are the necessary conditions to be eligible for CHA-

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Graduate from a recognized university,
  • Professional degree in the field of C.A, M.B.A or LL.B.


Diploma in customs clearance work from any institute or university authorized by Government of India, having knowledge in computers and customs procedures.


Graduate having at least three-year experience in transacting Custom House Agent work as a G-Card holder


has passed the examination referred to in regulation 8 or is a retired Group ‘A’ officer of the Indian customs and central Excise service (IC&CES) having a minimum of ten years experience in Group ‘A.

  • Bank certified assets not less than 5 lakhs.

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Application for License

During the month of January, Commissioner of Customs invites applications for grant of license. Make the application  in Form A on a payment of Rs.5000/-

The application shall include-

In case of a firm,

  1. the name and address of every partner of the firm,
  2. the firm’s name,
  3. and the name of the partner or the duly authorized employee, who will be responsible for working through the customs on behalf of the firm

In the case of a company

  1. the name of each director, managing director, manager, and
  2. the names of the director, managing director, manager or the duly authorized employee, who will be responsible for working through the customs on behalf of the firm.

Examination process

Customs Commissioner in whose jurisdiction the application has been made is responsible for conducting an examination of applicants.

  • An applicant has to appear for a written exam,
  • After qualifying in the written exam, the applicant will be eligible for the interview round,
  • The license is granted only after clearing these two stages,
  • If an applicant fails in the interview round, he can re-appear for an interview and pass it within two years from the time of passing his written exam, irrespective of the number of attempts.
  • From the date of making an application, the applicant has a period of seven years to appear and pass both written and oral exam.

Execution of bond

  • The applicant has to enter into a bond in Form-D before granting of license and a surety bond in Form-E for the due observance of the Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations, 2004.
  • He is also required to furnish a bank guarantee, postal security or National Savings Certificate in the name of the Commissioner of Customs for an amount of Rs.50000/-for carrying out of business as a Customs House Agent.

Grant of License

Customs Commissioner grants a license in Form-B in whose jurisdiction the application was made. Now the applicant is Customs House Agent and he is eligible for working at all the customs stations throughout the country. An intimation in Form-C is made regarding the intention of the licensee where he wants to conduct transactions.

Validity of license

A license is valid for a period of 9 yrs. And it is non-transferable.

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