To facilitate exports trade, various measures thus have been undertaken in order to increase the export promotions. MDA scheme is under an  operation through the Department of Commerce in order to support the following activities:

  • Assist the  exporters in the process of  export promotion activities abroad
  • Assist the  Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) in order to undertake an  export promotion activities for their Product(s) and commodities
  • Assist the  approved organizations/trade bodies in an undertaking which is exclusive nonrecurring innovative activities that are connected with the export promotion efforts for their members
  • Assist Focus to focus on the export promotion programs in the specific regions abroad like FOCUS (LAC), Focus (Africa), Focus (CIS) and Focus (ASEAN + 2) programs.
  • Residual essential activities which are thus connected with the marketing promotion efforts abroad.

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Administration of this scheme-

  • The utilization of scheme is thus administered by the E&MDA Division in the Department of Commerce, Government of India, Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi 110 011. It is a  Recognized EPCs on the product grouping basis, Commodity Boards, and Export Development Authorities are eligible for MDA assistance for development and promotional activities to promote exports of their products and commodities from India.
  • MDA budget allocation in order to recognized  EPCs and also other export promotion organizations for the export promotion activities including specific special development and the promotional projects which are finalized in the annual meetings with the respective EPCs, which are thus chaired, by the Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor (AS&FA), Department of Commerce. Proposals for ad-hoc grants for the exclusive innovative export promotional activities, which are thus considered helpful in order to promote exports of Indian products and the commodities are examined by the E&MDA Division and decided with the approval of the AS&FA.
  • Proposals of the individual exporters for eligible MDA-supported activities like participation in the  EPC led Trade Delegations/BSMs/Trade Fairs/Exhibitions for reimbursement of MDA assistance will thus be considered and be approved by the Chief Executive Officer of the Export Promotion Councils/FIEO etc.

The scheme is thus to be operated in an addition to the existing MSME-DO scheme for participation in international fairs and will cover all activities for which direct assistance is given under the existing MDA scheme of the Ministry of Commerce.

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