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What is import export code?

IEC is unique 10 digit number allotted by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), ministry of commerce.
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What is import export code?

  • There is no classification of Import Export code. Though World Customs Organization (WCO) had specified classification of traded products.
  • This classification is based on Harmonic System or HS code.
  • Traded items are classified by a six digit code called HS code. In India, we have Indian Tariff Code based on HS (Harmonic System) of coding.
  • Many countries similarly like India have their own tariff codes like UK uses UK tariff code and so on.
  • Import export code is the most recognized document of India Foreign Trade Rules, Policies and Regulations.
  • So currently our company is providing services connected to Importer/ Exporter code. That is IEC code. This IEC is mandatory for importing and exporting goods and services around the world.
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