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IEC Registration Procedure

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IEC Registration

Procedure for IEC Registration

IEC is mandatorily required for importing or exporting goods unless there is a spcefic exemption. IEC number alloted to an applicant shall be valid for all their branches divisions. The procedure for IEC is simplistic and it requires carefully performing the following steps.

    Gather documents: PAN Card, Bank certificate or cancelled cheque and constittion of a company in case it is corporate entity. To check out the full list of documents head on over to IEC Documents.

    File the form : Forms for IEC are available online . Entity can file these online, submit to DGFT(Directorate General of Foriegn Trade) you can also take help of our IEC registration procedure. Fill up the form and let the experts do the work!

    Draft the appplication : Parties wishing to do import /export have to draft an application for IEC registration and have to get application duly signed by the applicant.

    Directors List : In case entitity is a company they have to furnish a list naming down all the Directors on a company letterhead.

    File all documents and submit to DGFT

    Once verified, You will recieve an IEC number through courier.

Steps for IEC Registration

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You are required to fill our simple online IEC code application form and email documents.

We draft your application for IEC code and file it with the DGFT office on your behalf. (12 Working Days)

We pay the IEC government free and followup with department for your license. (2 Working Days)

Once your IEC CODE registration is completed we will send IEC license to you by courier.