We can call this move as a ‘Happy Go’ initiative taken by the Indian government for all the importers and exporters. Adopting Integrated Customs System and eliminating paperwork will be a revolution in making imports procedure easy. Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has decided to go paperless from 2017.

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Normally, it takes the time to fill up nine separate documents but now you need to fill up only one electronic declaration form. It will save a great time by providing a fast track platform. It is expected that documentation process will come down to 10 seconds from more than 10 minutes.

Now consignments will get quick approvals without wasting time. SK Vimalanathan, Additional Director General of Customs has said that they are planning to create a web repository. Customs department has already launched an interface ‘SWIFT’ and more than 10 lakh documents have been processed. The customs department is currently working on its process of enabling importers to upload pdf documents. CBEC is expecting IT companies to convert their three software system into one integrated system. CBEC has brought down the documentation work to a limited process. Now, importers need to file only three documents instead of eighteen documents at the time of Bill of Entry. Presently, only 10 container scanners are available at ports but there will be an addition of 44 more scanners by the end of this year. Customs officials can check suspicious articles through Risk Management System. They need not check each article manually.

The government is bringing everyone under one platform through an integrated system so the importers need not contact various agencies now. A shipment normally taking nine to twelve days to get cleared will now drastically reduce to two to three days.

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